Trade Agreement Ti4

If you give the Empyrean player a certain number of goods corresponding to your maximum value, you will receive 1 merchandise. I think they did so because some rules and cards refer to commercial goods, while others relate to goods. The different names make the rules simpler in terms of impact. Since goods become commercial goods when they are given to another player, why do I, the guy you attacked, give you my goods (commercial goods for you) to make more of your ships? Either this or the commercial tokens and merchandise brands are the same, only opposite pages, and updating your goods simply means that you earn a certain number of goods equivalent to your value. This way you physically take goods from your pool and give them to another player in the trade and just place the trade right side up. During the active player, he can negotiate a transaction with one or more of his neighbors, even during a fight. As part of a transaction, traders can trade any number of goods and goods. When a player gives a commodity to another player, that merchandise turns into merchandise; the player who receives the goods overturns the token on his commercial side. Players are encouraged to fill out the goods through the Trade Policy Card and exchange them in mutually beneficial transactions.

I wonder if you can keep a maximum number of goods. If you don`t act all the ones you have in a certain turn and then get more, can you keep stacking them? Don`t see many reasons to do so, but a player who has a head start in VPs might not be with someone who is willing to negotiate with them for a few rounds. Could such a player store 10-12 goods and have a large reserve when someone else starts to look like a bigger threat? That is how I interpret trade, although I could of course be wrong. What seems strange to me is why it could not simply be called “commercial goods” all the time, why did they call it “goods” when they immediately become “commercial goods” when they are used? There might be other aspects of the game that are interested in it, although if the distinction is important. As the effect can be corrected immediately, this agreement is a binding deal.